Dental Crowns Bridges

Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges

Dental crowns are needed when a tooth is to the point of excess decay to restore with a simple filling.  Broken teeth and root canals can also be the reason for needing a dental crown.  However, dental crowns can protect the tooth from further damage or can cover up severely discolored teeth as well.  Other reasons to need dental crowns are cosmetic dentistry, to modify the way the tooth looks or it’s color.  Dental Crowns cover the entire tooth and helps protect it from further decay or damage.

Preparation for Dental Crowns

It usually requires at least two visits to prepare for a permanent crown.  The first visit will be to prepare the tooth. If the tooth is severely decayed, it may need a root canal before the permanent dental crown is attached.  Some teeth need to be built up in order to have something that the crown can attach itself too.  You will be asked to return in 2-3 weeks for the permanent crown, however, there will be a temporary one for the wait. Temporary dental crowns are there to protect the tooth from further damage. But, it is on with temporary adhesive and is made of acrylic, which will not last very long.  This is for temporary while your permanent crown is being made at the dental laboratory.

Dental Bridges in Las Vegas and Henderson

Dental bridges consist of two or more teeth and one or more false teeth.  When a tooth is missing the mouth’s alignment is compromised.  Bridges help with this by attaching to each side of the missing tooth or teeth and adding false teeth in the holes where the tooth was lost.

Dental Bridges can take more time and visits than a dental crown does, as there are more components that go into it.  And, ensuring the bite and proper alignment is important to the overall feel of it. It is dependent on each case, if the bridge will be permanent or removable.

Reasons you might need a Dental Bridges or Dental Crowns are:

-Help with speaking and ability to chew properly.
-Smile restoration and helps with confidence
-Keep your facial structure looking proper