Dentures and Missing Teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry Las VegasDentures are not something we hope to have one day, however, they are a necessity.  Missing teeth is a common issue. More common than one may think. People lose their teeth for different reasons. Some due to injury, others to teeth decay or even genetic factors. Teeth are very important not only for chewing food but also for speaking properly. Of course, there is also an aesthetic factor. Without teeth, a person doesn’t look the same. Cheeks sag and lips could fall in making a person look older than they really are. With lost looks, people may lose confidence as well. On top of all that a person may have a variety of digestive issues without teeth.

Multiple solutions

There are multiple solutions for people missing teeth. Dentures are the easiest.  They are the least painful and less costly solution for someone who needs a new set of teeth. There are full and partial dentures. Partials are used when one or more natural teeth still remain in a person’s mouth. Most of the time they clamp onto existing teeth and use them for support. Full dentures are used for people who are missing all of their teeth. Those use gums and jaw bones for support. Sometimes they require the use of a special adhesive. They will also support cheeks and lips and return a person’s face to more of a natural look.

How they are made

To be comfortable for wearing and to have the best fit, dentures must be custom made for a specific Dentist Las Vegasperson’s mouth. About 8-12 weeks after all of the teeth have been pulled, a person may begin the fitting process. Although it takes a few visits and some time, it is painless and worth the wait. At first, a few different measurements of a mouth are taken and an impression of a mouth is made. After that, a new set of dentures is cast to fit a specific person. The specialist making a particular set will take into account the facial structure, color of skin, lips, and gums as well as remaining teeth if there are any present.

Getting fitted properly

After a new set is made, a person may have to wear them all the time for a few weeks, even at night. That will ensure a proper fit and help to troubleshoot any issues faster. It is not uncommon to get gum soreness and discomfort at first. As gums heal after teeth extraction and get used to new dentures, the soreness should go away. After a while, if dentures do not become more comfortable, it is recommended to get them checked to make sure they fit properly. A new set should not be painful to wear and should not click while talking and chewing. Those could be signs of a poor fit.

Sunset Professional Dental takes great pride and care in patients who need a new set of dentures. Most people without teeth are good candidates for a new set. Call today for a consultation and let us walk you through the process.