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Las Vegas Veneers
Veneers in Las Vegas 89120, as well as the rest of the world, are becoming an increasingly popular option with dental patients. It would be difficult to find a single person that doesn’t have some sort of damage, discoloration, or wear and tear on their teeth that they want to fix. Here at Sunset Professional Dental, we understand how important your smile is to you and, for that reason, we offer a variety of veneers to help you give your best smile every day.

The Popularity of Veneers in Las Vegas 89120

In the last number of years, we have seen the market and need for veneers steadily grow as our customers become more aware of their options, and the cost of veneers has become more affordable. We believe that you cannot put a price on a beautiful smile and veneers can be a great way of boosting your self-confidence and giving yourself that bright white smile you have always wanted.

What Exactly Are Veneers?

We get a lot of questions about veneers in Las Vegas 89120 as they increase in popularity and decrease in cost. Veneers are constructed from a very tough, durable material, such as porcelain or resin, that is shaped to fit over any damaged or discolored parts of your tooth. The color and look of these veneers are almost a perfect match to your regular teeth and it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between the real tooth and a veneer. We believe veneers are a great option for those clients of ours who struggle with getting their teeth to look the way that that they dream of.

Why Choose Veneers Over Other Options?

If you are interested in improving the look of your teeth with procedures like crowns, bridges, or veneers in Las Vegas 89120, simply get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team to discuss what options might work best for you. With our years of experience and dedication to what we do, we can offer the best possible service and comfort, as well as a great selection of options to fix that smile.

Our customers tend to choose veneers over other options because the procedure is much less intrusive than having bridge or crown work done. Also, depending on the amount of dental work you have had in the past, it could end up being the least expensive option. Make sure you weigh up all of your options and ask our team of dental experts for advice. We are here to answer any questions you may have and at Sunset Professional Dental in Las Vegas, we always put our customers first and foremost.

Are Your Veneers Going to Last?

As with a lot of other dental procedures, most of the end result is going to be based on how well you take care of them at home. As a dental practice, we can only do as much as we can while you are in our offices, after that it is up to you to take care of them at home so they will last for as long a time as possible. With proper checkups and dental hygiene, you can expect them your veneers to last upwards of 20 years. If you are looking for veneers in Las Vegas 89120 give us a call at Sunset Professional Dental and talk to our team of dental professionals about your options.